Zoya Summer 2014 Magical PixieDust Review/Swatches

Today I have the Zoya Magical PixieDust for Summer 2014.
They come in three beautiful colors and I was so very excited to receive them and try them out. When the press release came out they were described as a new PixieDust formulation, amped up with spectacular sparkle creating the most magical, Zoya PixieDust ever!

First up is Arlo, she's a violet amethyst magical pixie.
Arlo was very easy to work with, the application was smooth and I actually found that these polishes were actually easier than the previous pixie dusts. I love the chunky glitters and this is a stunning pink violet. It's a gorgeous summer color but can also be worn in the fall and winter. I used two coats for full coverage. 
Love it!

Bar is a nude topaz magical pixie.
I love this one as well. It's a beautiful nude and has chunks of green and gold glitter. The formula was smooth and I used two coats as well.

Ginni is a pink tourmaline magical pixie.
Ginni is a beautiful pink that was completely opaque in two coats and had nice chunks of sparkle in it. I love that my nails looked blinged out and sparkly. I really like the reformulated version of the pixie dusts. I think that they look so much better and are much smoother and easier to apply. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post! 

I will be having a giveaway in a couple of weeks! My birthday is in July and I want to do something special for my subscribers so stay tuned!

Let me know if you plan to pick up anything from this collection! 

Have a lovely weekend!

Beauty & love!

--- Press samples provided for an honest review. (All opinions are honest and my own.) ---


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