Zoya - Awaken & Monet Review/Swatches

I fell in love with the Zoya Awaken Collection for Spring 2014. All the colors are so beautiful and go on like butter. Today I have some swatches and a review for you. 

First up is Cole. It is a peach creme and it went on like butter. I love this color and it was very easy to apply and work with. I got full coverage with two coats and I didn't use a top coat.

Here is Cole with Monet on as a top coat. Monet is a holographic glitter and it's beautiful on  top all of these colors.

Dot is a pink creme and I only used two thin coats and had full coverage. I adore this color! Pink is my favorite color and I will be using this one a lot this Spring. The formula was very smooth and I used no top coat. 

Here is Dot with Monet:

It's so pretty!!! Ahh! I'm in love!

Moving on, haha! Here I have Hudson, which is a purple shimmer metallic and it is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so beautiful in the sunlight. I only used two coats for full coverage and no top coat. I love it.

Here is Hudson with Monet:

Next up is Dillon, which ironically is the name of my daughter, except hers is spelled Dylan. When I found out about this Spring collection I was very excited because of this color which comes in her name and because of another polish...I'll let you know which one later but, I was pregnant at the time I received the press release and the other polish was going to be my other baby's name. It was a sign. Anyway, rant over, haha. Dillon is a green mint which has shimmer and is metallic. It went on like butter as they all did and I had full coverage in two coats. It's a very nice Spring color and reminds me of Easter for some reason. I don't know why. Dillon is another favorite of mine. :)

Here is Dillon paired up with Monet:

Here is Brooklyn, it is a white gold shimmer metallic and the other polish I was talking about. I named my baby, Brooke Lynn Monroe and I thought it was interesting that this collection had the names of two of my children. It puts a smile on my face every time I think about it. This color is very easy to apply and I had full coverage in two coats. It

Here is Brooklyn with Monet: 

And last but definitely not least is Rebel. It is a blue shimmer metallic and it reminds me of the beach on a summer day. It's very shiny and such a gorgeous color on any skin tone. It was easy to apply and I only used two coats and no top coat for an opaque finish.

Here is Rebel paired up with Monet:

All in all, I think Zoya knocked it out of the ball park with this collection. It's very Spring-y and gorgeous. I have no complaints about any of the colors. 

Have any of you purchased or plan to purchase this collection or any of the colors? What are your thoughts on it? Favorites? 

Thanks for reading and I hope to be updating more frequently. I just had my baby on February 28th through an emergency cesarean and then my wound re-opened two weeks after. I've been trying to recover and take care of my children. It has been a journey but I would do it all over again if I had to because I love my kids. My baby was in NICU during our stay at the hospital because she couldn't breathe on her own and her sugar was low. All I wanted was for her to be okay. She's doing so much better now and I'm so happy about it. 

I hope everyone has a lovely week!

Love & beauty!


--- Press samples provided for an honest review. (All opinions are honest and my own.) ---


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