Some updates

Hello everyone,

I know I have been slacking a ton with updates but within the past couple of years my health hasn't been that great. I love blogging and interacting with all of you so it's something that I want to continue doing, I just have to take my time doing it. My health and being a mom comes first and I hope you all understand that and stay with me. I haven't forgotten about any of you and I am planning some really nice things for the blog.  I joined +Klout. I barely know what I'm doing on there but I'll get the hang of it LOL.

Last week I also won a pair of tickets to attend the Revlon Fashion's Night Out party. I had such a great time and took a ton of photos. They had makeup artists on hand, a braid bar and manicure stations setup everywhere. We drank cocktails and had delicious bites and jammed to great music. It was definitely a great experience. It was something I needed after all the medical appointments and things.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a lovely rest of the weekend. Stay blessed and beautiful!


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