Media Alert: Too Faced Showing at the IMATS Makeup Show June 23rd and June 24th!

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Who else is giddy about this weekend? As many of you are aware, the biggest gathering in the makeup world is in Los Angeles this weekend and Too Faced will be there!! This is one of the few times we get to put a face with a name so be sure to stop by the International Make Up Artist (IMATS) Trade Show this Saturday & Sunday for a firsthand look at our latest launches - everything from sultry new shadow palettes to creamy lip colors - like our NEW 16 luxurious shades of La Creme - and revolutionary eye makeup tools! You'll have to see it to believe it!

When: Saturday June 23rd from 8:30 AM - 5 PM

Sunday, June 24th from 10:00 AM - 5 PM

Location: Pasadena Convention Center

300 E. Green Street

Pasadena, CA 91101

Where: Booth 809

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Quick Tips for Summer Skin Care

Quick Tips for Summer Skin Care

Beauty & Lifestyle Expert, Kelley West Gives Us Her Best Summer Skin Care Secrets.

See What This Licensed Medical Aesthetician & TV Personality Has In Her Beach Bag!

Sunscreen is the most important skincare essential! Remember… the SPF is somewhat irrelevant because no sunscreen is effective for more than three to four hours. Therefore, it is mandatory that you reapply. Also try to wait 15-20 minutes after applying before going into the sun as it takes most sunscreens that long to penetrate.

For the face, my favorite sunscreen is Epione's Tinted Sun Block with SPF 40. It's a splurge because it's $40 for a 1.7oz bottle so only use it on the face unless you can afford to buy several bottles at once and do the whole body. It has a silicone base so it won't absorb into the skin, making it ideal for patients with skin allergies or sensitive skin.

For a more affordable option, I like Aveeno's Smart Essentials. It doesn't irritate my face, has an SPF of 30 and a pleasant scent. It goes on light and doesn't leave the typical SPF white residue or film. It's a steal at around $12. I'm a huge Aveeno fan and the other sunscreen I like for the body is the Aveeno’s Continuous Protection Sun Block Lotion for around $9 a bottle. I love the way it goes on, it's waterproof which it great but don't let the name fool you, you still have to reapply every three to four hours or more often if you are going in the water.

When applying sun block…Make sure you apply it all the way to the hairline when doing your face. This will help protect you when driving because the sides of our faces get direct sun exposure the whole time we are behind the wheel.

Make sure to apply sunscreen to the tops of your hands. Our hands give away our age as we get older so you must protect them early on. Also apply to the tops of your feet. People don't think about this area but again, it is exposed to direct sun when we are wearing sandals or walking barefoot. Skin Cancer doesn't discriminate so lesions can appear anywhere on the body.

Put your sunscreen on BEFORE you apply make up. It amazes me how many women put sunscreen on top of their make up. Many foundations have silicon or other types of bases that form a barier on the skin making your sunscreen ineffective.

Protect your lips and your scalp! These areas are vulnerable to sunburns and skin cancers just like the rest of your body so you must protect them. I love Neutrogena's Revitalizing Lip Balm with SPF 30. It comes in a clear formula or colored. My favorite is the Soft Caramel because I like a more nude lip especially in the summer. I part my hair in the middle so if I have the squeeze version of my lip balm in clear, I run a line of it right down my part to give it extra protection. This may sound weird but it works! I haven't had a sunburned scalp in years! I also adore Aquaphor's Lip Balm but it does not have SPF so it's really for the bad girls who didn't use sunscreen and now have sunburned, chapped and burning lips! Aquaphor products are a staple of mine at home and in my office because for hydration, you can't beat them!

To protect your hair and scalp, you must use a sunscreen hairspray. My preference is not Loreal! It's a Walgreen's product called 3-in-1 Sunscreen Hairspray. It's light, never sticky and is an absolute bargain at $2.99!

Lastly, on the sunscreen front, is a clothing line I am obsessed with! It's called SunSoul and it's protective skincare you wear! SunSoul makes a floppy hat, baseball cap and sun visor out of a patented fluorescent material. This material filters the damaging, skin cancer causing UV rays and converts them into anti aging yellow light, while providing an SPF of 50! With SunSoul you get sun protection and an anti aging treatment without stepping into my office! This is cutting edge technology and it's cute and stylish! I wear my floppy hat all the time!

Other ways to get your skin summer ready are:

Exfoliating! Make sure you give your skin a good exfoliation before applying sunscreen, sunless tanners or make up for that matter. In the summer we want a more natural look and a build up of dead skin cells does not a natural look make! If you can't afford a monthly microdermabrasion treatment, here are some home treatments that I really love and use myself:

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser for the face is tops! I buy extra bottle and keep one in my shower to use on my body as well. This cleanser has a low percentage of glycolic acid so it's safe to use on even sensitive skin like mine and it helps to exfoliate the stratum corneum while giving you a really good cleansing. As far as skincare products go, this line is really affordable! It is $12 for a 6 oz bottle. I am also crazy addicted to Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray! It's loaded with herbs, rosewater which is so great for hydration and aloe. I keep it in my purse and spritz right over my makeup for an instant pick me up. It's fantastic on the beach and it is a steal at $7!

This next one is a bit of a splurge but worth every penny. I use this product every day for exfoliation and a more intense glycolic treatment. It's the Cane + Austin Glycolic Treatment Pads. The price is $60 for 60 pads but they have 10% glycolic acid which is pretty high for a home use product. I only use them three times a week so they last me quite a while. Patients with oily or acne prone skin may want to use them more often. I love to use these on my chest, arms and hands too since I have a lot of sun damage and they really help to fade brown spots.

Lastly, my absolute favorite body exfoliator is my own! Scrub It Clean Body Polish by PlasticGirl! I took what I liked from my favorite body polishers and got rid of the things I didn't like to create Scrub it Clean. It's a medical grade exfoliator but it doesn't smell medicinal. It has amino acids, acai extract, calendula flower extract and a bunch of other natural extract oils so it gets rid of dead skin cells without stripping or drying out the skin. It also has a heating mechanism that kicks in as soon as you start to rub it in and this stimulates blood circulation that will help with the color and tone of your skin too!

*To find out more information on Kelley West visit

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It's So Easy Nail Art Launches Website!


Los Angeles, Calif. (May 2012) - From catwalks to sidewalks around the world, the word on everybody’s tips is nail art! Anything is possible on the tiny canvases, where works of art can be customized to compliment any skin tone, outfit or other artistic inspirations. Join in on the fun and visit the NEW It’s So Easy® Nail Art website at

Created for nail lovers everywhere, the It’s So Easy® website features a Nail Art Community. Fans can upload their nail designs, regardless of experience level, and interact with others through Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

Finger art fanatics can have their wishes granted through the It’s So Easy® Product Section by creating a personalized Wish List. Users can select from Stripe Rites, loose glitters, cracked ice, rhinestones and more, then print or email to have their list on hand when visiting their nearest It’s So Easy® store location.

Need inspiration? The growing How-To page offers quick and easy nail art tutorials that can be accomplished in a few easy steps. A What You Need list is available to help visitors create their desired look.

About It’s So Easy®

Nothing is impossible when it comes to nail art and It’s So Easy®, a line of tools and accessories to create the ultimate nail creations. It’s So Easy® offers Stripe Rites, rhinestones, loose glitter, cracked ice, sealers and dryers, brushes and more to create fashionable, funky or festive fingers. Visit the website at for more information.

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NYC: Stylist to the Stars - Making Housecalls!



Is your closet in need of some spring-cleaning? Andre Austin, celeb stylist, delivers first-class treatment and shows you how to maximize your closet while offering fashion advice for the season

NEW YORK, NY (May 2012) Hair Room Service is excited to bring New York City an exclusive opportunity to get styled by the same stylist who has worked on The Oprah Winfrey Network and Gayle King Show, to name just a few. Now making house calls, Andre Austin, is ready to show you how to maximize your closet and expand your options in the comfort of your home, hotel or place of business. But that’s not all! If you prefer, Andre will even take you out on the town for a one-on-one shopping excursion at the hottest showrooms and boutiques. Andre’s latest work can be seen on Ask Oprah All Stars on The Oprah Winfrey Network, Real Housewives of New York’s Alex McCord, and on Gayle King for the Gayle King Show.

Whether you want the look of a celebrity or simply just need tips on how to wear your existing pieces, Andre promises to deliver top quality service and give you the celeb experience you always dreamed of. Below are a couple of the exclusive services Hair Room Service and Andre Austin are bringing you…

Closet Revamp & Fashion Fix

Think of all the money you will save just by finding new outfits in your existing closet! Andre will put together the latest fashion trends, suggest new outfits, and help you toss out the old (if needed).
To have Andre Austin revamp your current wardrobe and find the gems in your closet starts at only $225 per hour, with a two-hour minimum.

Personal Shopping

Happy with your current closet and in need of some one-on-one personal shopping? No problem! Andre has access to the hottest showrooms and latest trends, and will show you how to create that look you’ve always dreamed of. You can even bring a look book if you wish to make the shopping day easier! To book Andre for private shopping starts at just $275 per hour, with a two-hour minimum.

After being glammed by Andre Austin, you can complete your celeb ensemble with hair, makeup and nails from Hair Room Service’s talented roster of celebrity artists who have worked on Sex and the City’s Kim Cattrall, Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, and the cast of GLEE (to name a few).
To schedule an appointment with Andre Austin, please call (866) 222-7566 or visit

About Hair Room Service

Hair Room Service by Michael DueƱas is recognized as one of
NYC and LA’s most luxurious beauty salons for in-room appointments. Named as Best of New York by Village Voice and Time Out New York, guests can be assured they are receiving the best the city has to offer. Top artists deliver an unparalleled collection of services, including beautiful blowouts, haircuts, personalized wardrobe styling, makeup and nail applications directly to the clients own residence, hotel or place of business. Artists deliver an impeccable service regardless of time and weather. Clients will truly feel like a celebrity after receiving a visit from their own personal celeb stylist.

Hair Room Service’s artists have worked on some of today’s most celebrated celebs to have graced our screens, along with many prestigious publications, including:
Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Yoko Ono, the cast of GLEE, InStyle, WWD, US Weekly, Glamour, Elle, Allure and People.

For members of the media, if you would like more information or images, or to schedule an interview with Andre Austin, contact Melody O’Flaherty
at (646) 669-9585 or

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