MASSIVE Makeup/Nail Polish Haul

Hi everyone!

So I've never posted a makeup haul on here and I've been meaning to for awhile but I've been semi lazy and so busy with a lot of things going on my life that I haven't really gotten around to it. All of that is about to change today! I'm posting a couple of pictures of the makeup/polishes that I've won/purchased in the recent months. Most of the stuff I've actually won through giveaways. I've only purchased a few of the items I'm about to show you.

First up is my makeup haul. I have tons of e.l.f. products that I won through a giveaway for "The Vow." The movie with Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams. It was sponsored by e.l.f. which is why they sent me the whole collection used in the movie. I also won a butterLONDON giveaway on Twitter. I was really excited about that because it was for the whole collection of Lippy glosses that were recently released. The Tokidoki palettes and lipglosses were gifts! I have to swatch/review those for you all. The Maybelline products and several lipglosses I won through MissDeenaDiva and I love everything I won. It was a couple of Ricky's NYC Mattese Elite products and she sent me some Maybelline Eyeshadows and earrings! Fabulous stuff! Love love love. The products from theBalm I also won on Twitter. I love theBalm and I'm dying to try their polishes.

The second haul is nail polish I've purchased/won and I know it isn't as much as my makeup haul but I still love it haha. So the Zoya polishes were a gift and they were colors I needed/wanted. The Milani polishes I won on Twitter. The Loreal Color Riche polish I won as well. The Wet N' Wild polishes I won through LuvMyLacquer's first Facebook flash giveaway! I love Jess!!! xoxo

So that's pretty much it! I will be doing reviews of the colors I haven't swatched yet as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!!



Kas said...

Wow. That's amazing!

M!ssDeenaDiva said...

Oh wow! Now I can come raid your closet ;)

♔.PAN-PAN said...

So jelly! >w<
You have great luck with giveaways~

Miss E. said...

Thanks! xo

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