Hey everyone!

What can I say? My 2012 so far has been a whirlwind of emotions, disappointments and bad situations, but I'm here trying to push on because I am strong and as much as I'd like to give up at times, it just isn't an option. I have a little girl who is about to be 4 on April 21st and I want to be here for her as long as I can be. I decided to start blogging because I have a passion for blogs, beauty, art, fashion, design... anything creative really. I may not be great at it right now but I am trying. I won't be anyone else but me, I will not be ashamed of things that I've gone through or pretend that everything is fine and dandy all the time if it isn't. I want to be real. I have problems just like anyone else does and sometimes I do make mistakes. I get scared, I push people away and I say dumb things. Who doesn't? It's part of life. Live and learn. I'm always afraid that I will get hurt so I tend to just make up my mind about people and begin pushing them away before they even get the chance to get to know me. I want for my readers to be able to relate to me. I am a very good person who a lot of the time is misunderstood. I've been through hell and back, but hey! I'm here... give me some credit. I'm STILL fighting. I won't stop. Anyway, that was just something I wanted to get off of my chest... random... but the truth.

Moving on...

Even though the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 have been extremely rocky for my family and I, somehow I've been winning tons of contests/giveaways. Maybe someone in a higher place is thinking, "Throw this girl a freakin' bone." So yeah, I've won several things. I enter for fun and if I don't win, I'm happy for whoever does. I do use everything that I win. I was lucky enough to win Miss Deena Diva's Ricky's NYC Mattese Elite Giveaway. I was so excited when I received her email notifying me that I had won. I took a photo of what she sent me. 

Thank you so much Deena! I love every single item that I won and you're the best for including all of those extra goodies. If you'd like to check out Deena's blog, you can right here. Deena is so sweet, she even sent me a card and a video with a live showing of the drawing. You can check that out right here. Please check out Deena's blog, it's amazing! xo

Please remember my giveaway is really close! I am 7 followers away from reaching 50 and I will be giving some great stuff away! Spread the word!

Today I received the necklace and wristband I purchased from RAINN to show support and help out with the awareness of sexual assault. RAINN was kind enough to send me a letter as well. It made me so happy to help out and support this cause. Below are pictures of my letter, necklace and bracelet. If you'd like to show your support for the fight against sexual assault you can visit the RAINN store here. Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions or comments please feel free. 


Lily K-C. said...

:o* It'll get better, hon! I know it's been really sucky. But don't worry so much! We love ya!

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