China Glaze - Wicked Style & Aquadelic

 I thought it would be loads of fun to do a cute manicure with polka dots and crackle, so I did. I simply adore the China Glaze "Electropop" collection. All of the colors are beautiful in their own way. I wasn't able to swatch all of them because I'm busy with school and being a mommy but hopefully I will some day soon.

 I alternated between "Wicked Style" and "Aquadelic" and I also alternated between "Electric Beat" and "Dance Baby" to do the polka dots. For the crackle effect I used OPI Shatters in Turquoise and and White.
For me, this manicure is a fun and cute look for Spring. Almost everyone who has seen it thinks of Easter. I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

 Initially, I had a very hard time with "Wicked Style". The polish was super thick so I had to thin it out with acetone. It was coming out clumpy and with air bubbles. I was so frustrated but after a few tries it turned out fine. "Aquadelic" was the exact opposite. I was able to apply it without clumping or air bubbles.

Until next time! 


Lily K-C. said...

Purty! I'm gonna try to get me some when I have $$$. :oD

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