Beauty Tip - Matte Red Lipstick During the Day

Many women wear a bold lip in the evening, but if you want to try wearing red lipstick during the day here are some tips to pull it off.

1. Matte Red Lipstick - make sure if your using a matte red your face is mostly matte as well. You don't want to have a ton of glow all over your face while using such a bold color during the day. A hint of glow over the cheeks is fine, anywhere else will be too much.

2. Make sure the red isn't too bright, you don't want to wear a bright shade because once you're out in the sunlight the bright color will take too much energy from the rest of your look.

3. Make sure that everything else around your face is clean, you don't want a crazy hairstyle, too much jewelry. Keep it simple and sleek.

Beauty & Love.


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