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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to remind you that when I reach 50 followers I will be having a giveaway! I've been thinking about the prizes and I have some great things in mind. A few polishes, some makeup palettes and nail stuff. Help spread the word, you won't regret it!

I haven't been blogging for very long and I love to do it, although it is very time consuming. I do try my best with swatches and I will be doing makeup swatches very soon. I have bad arthritis so it's difficult for me to keep a steady hand, especially when the weather is cold. Anyway, don't fret I will get to those things very soon.

I wanted to list other ways you can follow my blog to keep updated in case you don't use Google Friend Connect.

Facebook - you can like my Bound 2 Beauty Facebook page by clicking the Like button on the right sidebar or going here: Bound 2 Beauty

Bloglovin' - Bound 2 Beauty - Bloglovin' it's pretty cool, has a feed and it also gets delivered straight to your email address whenever I post an update.

Twitter - @LiLGlamDoll is my Twitter handle, it's my personal one but I do send my updates to my Twitter from my Facebook page. Further down the line I'll have a Twitter just for this blog.

Networked Blogs - pretty much like Bloglovin' and it syndicates to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Follow me here: Networked Blogs - Bound 2 Beauty

Hellocotton - I love this site, it's my favorite out of Networked Blogs and Bloglovin, haha. Check it out here: Hellocotton - Bound 2 Beauty

You can also subscribe to my updates by submitting your email address in the little box located on the right sidebar. I'm also on Pinterest <--- Follow there.

Thanks so much! Please don't forget about the giveaway and feel free to leave me feedback below!


Beauty & Love


Lily K-C. said...

Yay! Almost there! :oD

Erica (LiLGlamDoll) said...

I'm excited!! :-)

Nicole said...

Great blog! Now following :)

Erica (LiLGlamDoll) said...

Thanks!! xoxo

M!ssDeenaDiva said...

I'm following you now and am so excited! I didn't know you were a nail polish junkie too...yay, i'm thrilled now! I liked your fanpage also :-)

Erica (LiLGlamDoll) said...

Aww! Thank you so much! I am! I love nail polish and makeup. You're so sweet. I appreciate the follow so much! xo

peniam said...

Exciting :) I'm going to spread the word right now!!

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