Essie Spring 2012 - Go Overboard Collection

 Essie released a three color spring collection named "Go Overboard" and it's a trio of nautical inspired colors that are gorgeous. Below are pictures of all three colors and my swatch/review at the bottom of this post.

 Go Overboard

Armed and Ready

Play Date

I love all three colors but I'm not much of a green girl so I decided to swatch Play Date and Go Overboard.

"Go Overboard" is a sea blue and it's such a vivid and bold color. I love the fact that it really makes a statement. I think of the summer and beautiful sea when I look at this color and it's so pigmented you don't really need to put 2 coats. I did for the pictures, but one coat would've been enough. "Go Overboard" is definitely one of my favorite Essie colors now.

"Play Date" is an amazing color, it's a light purple (lavender) color and for this particular one I had to do 3 coats. I wanted the color to really show so for me 2 coats just wasn't enough. My best friend told me that it reminds her of Essie's "Lilacism," this is a soft purple and "Lilacism" is much lighter. Either way, both colors are gorgeous and I really love this purple. It's on my list of favorites by Essie.

I also ended up trying some Essie Luxe Effects over "Play Date" and here is how the look turned out:

First I used "Set in Stones" Luxe Effects by Essie. I want to be honest, I actually squealed when I put this over "Play Date." I'm a girly girl, so all things glittery make me happy. Essie hit a home run with these Luxe Effects polishes and I'm a huge fan. I'm so happy I have 4 of them. I need to get my hands on the one I'm missing which is, "As Gold As It Gets." The polish glides on super easily with no hassle at all. It stays on and it adds sparkle to any simple manicure. I love it!

The second one I used was "Shine of the Times." This one gave a kind of holographic look to the manicure and I really like it because it the light you see red and pink. My favorite color is pink, so anything that looks remotely pink to me is a win in my book! "Shine of the Times" glided on very easily as well. I'm really happy with the finished product and the Essie Luxe Effects line is a favorite of mine as well.

I hope everyone liked my swatches! Please feel free to comment below.


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