China Glaze - Capitol Colours [Hunger Games Collection]

I am so excited to have been gifted this complete collection from a special person in my life. I've been hearing from most people that the collection isn't available until March 1st so I consider myself very lucky to have received this collection almost two weeks ago. I haven't been able to swatch every single color yet because my laptop is messed up and will be sent out tomorrow to be fixed. I've been borrowing a laptop and only have limited access, but as soon as I receive my laptop I will post the rest of the swatches.

Hook and Line

First up is Hook and Line which is described as a pearlescent light grey. I just want to say that this whole collection is amazing, the colors are gorgeous and bold. When I applied this color it glided on like butter. I used two coats and no top coat. The color speaks for itself, it looks great on any skin tone. I love it.

Dress Me Up

Dress Me Up is the next color I swatched and it's described as a stripped down dark rose pink creme. To me this color can also look like a nude at times or even a light mauve. It is also another color that was so easy to apply and came out perfect. I can honestly say that China Glaze hit a home run with this collection. Each and every color is my favorite in it's own way.

Luxe and Lush

Luxe and Lush is a high octane flaky overcoat and I applied it over Hook and Line. I'm a lover of all things sparkly and glittery so the fact that this glitter was added to the collection gives China Glaze brownie points. It's lovely and makes manicures look as if diamonds have been placed on each fingernail. A++++

Smoke and Ashes

Smoke and Ashes is a black based teal with multicolored shimmer. I love dark colors so all I have to say about this one is that I love the shimmer and that fact that it's infused with some teal. Teal is one of my favorite colors and Smoke and Ashes reminds me of one of Katniss' outfits in "The Hunger Games." China Glaze did an amazing job with the pigment and name of this polish.

Fast Track

And last but definitely not least (for now) is Fast Track. It is a soft sandy brown with a gold metallic shimmer. Fast Track reminds me of the sandy beach. I applied two coats and it was like butter. I like the gold tinged shimmer when the color hits the right amount of light. It is another favorite of mine, like I said before though, all of the colors in this collection are my favorite in a different way.

I'm a very happy girl and all of these colors are to die for! I think everyone should get their hands on the Capitol Colours collection! It's a must for any nail polish addict. Stay tuned for more swatches/reviews from this collection soon.

Please leave me your comments/feedback down below. Thanks!

Beauty & Love!


LuvMyLacquer said...

These are some really good swatch photos. I haven't read the book yet. I'm not a fan of these colors personally, but it's good to hear CG did good with the formula =)

Erica (LiLGlamDoll) said...

Thank you so much! I think you should definitely read te books. You'll understand why these colors were chosen of you do and if you're a fan of reading you'll definitely love The Hunger Games trilogy! Thank you for the feedback! =)

Lily K-C. said...

When I first saw them online, I thought ehhh, they look okay. But in person....woo wee! I really like these colors!

Erica (LiLGlamDoll) said...

Yes! The colors are really amazing! I love them all! xx

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