New Beginnings

Wow, so many things have happened over the last couple of years. Sometimes it's hard to forget and move on, but it's what we have to do to find some sort of happiness. I love being a mother, I think there's nothing that I love more. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and giving her kisses. There's no better feeling than your own child telling you, "Momma, I love you." When my daughter says it to me, I feel complete. A man can tell you he loves you and it feels amazing, but when a child says it, your very own child... it touches your soul.

We moved into a house, we'd been in our old apartment for like almost 7 years and we finally left that hell-hole. I mean, it wasn't the worst place ever, but no one was happy. We were all practically on top of each other because it was so small. Dylan didn't have her own room and it made me feel so horrible. When I grew up, I always had my own room. My I felt crappy because she didn't have it. At this new place, she has her own room and tons of space to run around and scream. I'm happy for that, for her.

We have yet to paint her room and fix her bed, so she's been sleeping in our bedroom. We're going to buy paint at the end of this month and her area rug. We wanted to paint before we built her bed.  Anyway, it has been too hot for her to sleep in her room, she has no AC because of the window guard. When the summer is over, she'll sleep in her bedroom on her comfy bed.

Our bedroom is great! Our old one was a little longer, but this one is wider so it's cool. We have a cool ass bedroom set and I really like it. I can't wait to paint our bedroom and start being able to fix up our place more and more.

I found out that I have a serious Vitamin D Deficiency. I had been feeling terribly ill and weak for months. I found out that I've had it since June 2010, but my doctor's medical assistant never called me to let me know. Ugh. Well, I went to see the Rheumatologist again and did more blood work and found out my deficiency was worse. So he gave me a prescription for a lot of Vitamin D and some more pain killers, which are a lot stronger. I still feel the same but I'm hoping I'll feel a lot better soon. I can't even pick up my daughter as much as I'd like to.

Anyway, I'm out for now...just wanted to do a regular post instead of my usual picture post. I love to write and take pictures, so you'll get a lot of both from me.

Later! xo


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