Fall is finally here...

The month of September is almost over and I still can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Dylan had her first ballet/tap class on Sept. 24th and she was fabulous! I'm so happy and so is she. She loved it and was able to make some new friends. I love the school she's going to because they are super professional and very supportive and ambitious.

We decided to throw Dylan a Halloween Bash this year. We live in a house now and have plenty of space so it makes sense to have parties and what not. Her party will be on October 30th and it's going to be great. We started planning it and I already purchased my Halloween costume. It's going to be a costume party. I'm so excited about it. We're going to purchase Dylan's costume on Friday. I have to start ordering the decorations and other things as well. I want this party to be amazing. Even though Dylan's birthday parties have always been fabulous. I can't wait. It's definitely going to be a very busy month. I have a ton of doctors appointments, Ly's birthday is on the 13th, Dylan has dance class every Saturday and then on Sunday the 30th will be her party and the day after, she'll be going to another party at Dylan's Candy Bar, we go to this event every year. I love Lyss and the Divamoms.

I've been thinking lately that I need to get meaningless shit and things that constantly bother me, out of my life. I'm sick and tired of always doing nice things and looking for people. I would like for someone to look for me once in awhile. I don't think I demand that much in a friendship. Loyalty, honesty, compassion and meeting me half way. I've got some more thinking to do. Maybe I just let everyone take advantage of me. Things need to definitely change.

Alright, going to get some rest for today. I'm kind of sleepy. I need to relax and go to bed early. Until next time. Goodnight!



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