Fall is finally here...

The month of September is almost over and I still can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Dylan had her first ballet/tap class on Sept. 24th and she was fabulous! I'm so happy and so is she. She loved it and was able to make some new friends. I love the school she's going to because they are super professional and very supportive and ambitious.

We decided to throw Dylan a Halloween Bash this year. We live in a house now and have plenty of space so it makes sense to have parties and what not. Her party will be on October 30th and it's going to be great. We started planning it and I already purchased my Halloween costume. It's going to be a costume party. I'm so excited about it. We're going to purchase Dylan's costume on Friday. I have to start ordering the decorations and other things as well. I want this party to be amazing. Even though Dylan's birthday parties have always been fabulous. I can't wait. It's definitely going to be a very busy month. I have a ton of doctors appointments, Ly's birthday is on the 13th, Dylan has dance class every Saturday and then on Sunday the 30th will be her party and the day after, she'll be going to another party at Dylan's Candy Bar, we go to this event every year. I love Lyss and the Divamoms.

I've been thinking lately that I need to get meaningless shit and things that constantly bother me, out of my life. I'm sick and tired of always doing nice things and looking for people. I would like for someone to look for me once in awhile. I don't think I demand that much in a friendship. Loyalty, honesty, compassion and meeting me half way. I've got some more thinking to do. Maybe I just let everyone take advantage of me. Things need to definitely change.

Alright, going to get some rest for today. I'm kind of sleepy. I need to relax and go to bed early. Until next time. Goodnight!


My ballerina

My darling


"The most complicated achievements of thought are possible without the assistance of consciousness." - Sigmund Freud

Dylan's Fun With JoJo 09.20.11

I had a Cardiology appointment today and another patient brought a puppy with her. Dylan fell in love instantly and started playing with this cute little Teacup Yorkie. He was so friendly and adorable. I can't wait to get my baby a dog. His name is JoJo.

Goodbye Summer.

I can't believe we're in mid-September already and the fall is practically here. It has been nice and chilly lately, which I love. I really can't stand the summer, it drives me insane. I dislike being too hot and sweaty.

It's September 19th right now and I have a Cardiology appointment tomorrow. I'm kinda glad because I've been having some chest pain recently and I should definitely get that checked out again. My Cardiologist thinks that I have Orthostatic Hypotension, which causes me to randomly pass out from time to time. I just want to be better. I don't want my daughter to be afraid that something is going to happen to me because I'm always sick.

Dylan starts dance this Saturday, September 24th. She's so excited about it. We have her tap shoes and ballet shoes. Tomorrow we're going to buy the leotard and tights. We have to go purchase them at her dance school. She's been great lately. She was feverish last night and a couple of days ago, but I hope she's okay for Saturday.

I finally got my degree. I will begin my Master's in November. I took a two month break because I'm so exhausted. Since AJ started work I've been really hands on with Dylan. I had a break before because the last time he was working she was only a few months old. He has been with me for awhile. Really helping me a lot with Dylan because I've been so ill. Now he's off to work and I am back to being alone with her during the day so it's a bit hard for me. I love my daughter, it doesn't bother me. It's just that I'm weak all the time so it's definitely a mission to keep up with all of her energy. She's my heart though and I love the time that we spend together.

I can't wait for Comic-Con. It's during the 2nd week of October. We'll be going for the fun and to celebrate Ly's birthday as well. We're really excited about it. We're taking Dylan too.
We took Dylan to see "The Lion King 3D" it was re-released for only 2 weeks. We had so much fun and Dylan was so excited. She wasn't even afraid. We went to do our nails first since her daddy was still at work. Then we went downtown, purchased the tickets, went to eat and then went to the Sanrio store. I got Dylan a little Kuromi notepad and a Sugarbunnies purse. After that, we went to the theater and used the restroom, then stood in the line, which was long by the way... for the movie. We waited on the line for about 20 minutes, then we went inside and sat down. It was awesome. We had a blast. We took a cab home cause we were so exhausted. Everyone slept well that night LOL.

Okay, just wanted to update today. Going to get some rest because I have that appointment tomorrow. I'm adding some pictures of Saturday.

 Peace out! Xoxo

New Beginnings

Wow, so many things have happened over the last couple of years. Sometimes it's hard to forget and move on, but it's what we have to do to find some sort of happiness. I love being a mother, I think there's nothing that I love more. I enjoy spending time with my daughter and giving her kisses. There's no better feeling than your own child telling you, "Momma, I love you." When my daughter says it to me, I feel complete. A man can tell you he loves you and it feels amazing, but when a child says it, your very own child... it touches your soul.

We moved into a house, we'd been in our old apartment for like almost 7 years and we finally left that hell-hole. I mean, it wasn't the worst place ever, but no one was happy. We were all practically on top of each other because it was so small. Dylan didn't have her own room and it made me feel so horrible. When I grew up, I always had my own room. My privacy...so I felt crappy because she didn't have it. At this new place, she has her own room and tons of space to run around and scream. I'm happy for that, for her.

We have yet to paint her room and fix her bed, so she's been sleeping in our bedroom. We're going to buy paint at the end of this month and her area rug. We wanted to paint before we built her bed.  Anyway, it has been too hot for her to sleep in her room, she has no AC because of the window guard. When the summer is over, she'll sleep in her bedroom on her comfy bed.

Our bedroom is great! Our old one was a little longer, but this one is wider so it's cool. We have a cool ass bedroom set and I really like it. I can't wait to paint our bedroom and start being able to fix up our place more and more.

I found out that I have a serious Vitamin D Deficiency. I had been feeling terribly ill and weak for months. I found out that I've had it since June 2010, but my doctor's medical assistant never called me to let me know. Ugh. Well, I went to see the Rheumatologist again and did more blood work and found out my deficiency was worse. So he gave me a prescription for a lot of Vitamin D and some more pain killers, which are a lot stronger. I still feel the same but I'm hoping I'll feel a lot better soon. I can't even pick up my daughter as much as I'd like to.

Anyway, I'm out for now...just wanted to do a regular post instead of my usual picture post. I love to write and take pictures, so you'll get a lot of both from me.

Later! xo

Working it! 09.11.11

Dylan is posing away in these pictures I took of her this morning. It doesn't matter what time it is, she's always ready for her closeup! Xo

Mini dork

I love my little dork. She's quite the actress and loves to pose like this all on her own.

My Sweetheart

Pictures of Dylan from the last week of August 2011. I must say that with all of the doctors appointments I had last week, Dylan behaved like a true princess. I love my Dylanbear.